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Special needs i pad apps.

I have some great advice for parents of children with special needs. Over Christmas I purchased an i pad and it has presented me with multiple opportunities to play with my daughter and now consider how to use it in my therapy. I am treating a patient with very limited hand skills- swiping and whole […]

How to progress your childs throwing skills

Here are a few ideas that you can progress through. It starts from easy to more difficult. These suggestions will be helpful to children with co ordination difficulties. Popping and catching bubbles can help with hand eye co ordination Start with larger balls then move onto smaller ones Begin by rolling the ball to ensure sucess, […]

Tummy time for tots

Physios say playtime on tummy is good for babies’ physical development Many parents could be holding back their babies’ growth and development by not placing them on their tummies during waking hours, warn paediatric chartered physiotherapists. Statistics show 19 per cent of mothers with children under 6 months old never put their babies on their fronts […]

Don’t Use Baby Walkers

Just under half of all children using walkers will experience an injury 2  Baby walkers cause delay in normal development 1 Parents believe putting babies in walkers provides two benefits; To keep them safe and encourage them to walk. BOTH ARE MYTHS  The use of baby walkers for normal healthy infants are neither necessary nor recommended […]

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