How to progress your childs throwing skills

Here are a few ideas that you can progress through. It starts from easy to more difficult.

These suggestions will be helpful to children with co ordination difficulties.

  • Popping and catching bubbles can help with hand eye co ordination
  • Start with larger balls then move onto smaller ones
  • Begin by rolling the ball to ensure sucess, then try throwing it
  • Use different textures to keep interest (paper, balloons, tennis balls, bean bags and socks)
  • Start games in a sitting position, then move to standing to make it more difficult
  • Offer the ball to left and right hands to improve co ordination
  • Guide your child’s hand through the movement
  • Cheer at all attempts
  • Have a target – eg you, milk cartons, bucket, hula hoop
  • Move the distance of the target, and also move it to the left or right.
  • Take turns (make it a game)
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