Special needs i pad apps.

I have some great advice for parents of children with special needs. Over Christmas I purchased an i pad and it has presented me with multiple opportunities to play with my daughter and now consider how to use it in my therapy.
I am treating a patient with very limited hand skills- swiping and whole hand touch. So I have done some homework looking up as many apps for the i pad as possible that will allow her to engage in play with her limited hand skills abilities.
Bellow is the list I have put together identified from the apps blurb, which looks like it could meet the needs of children that have very limited hand skills to help them engage them with cause and effect play.
I will slowly try the apps out and feedback on this site but if any of you have experience please share you opinion.
The i pad presents a fantastic opportunity to develop learning skills and improve easy and engaging interaction for special needs children.
Here are the apps I would recommend.

Kids song machine 2 around the world
Baby’s musical hands
I baby button
Baby rattle toy
Touch trainer, autism and special educational needs
Random touch
Touch switch
Attainment switch
Musical bubbles
Color drops – like a drawing app but loads of stimulation with every mark made
Baby UI
Baby touch shapes
Baby moving shapes
Baby aquarium
Baby bubble touch – great visual stimulation but audio is limited

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