Worried about my baby’s flat head

Some babies tend to have a head preference to one side, this is called Plagiocephaly or Torticollis. This preference to look to one side can cause a flat spot on the back of the head because they sleep for so long in one position and the babies skull is so soft. Some families notice the ear can be pushed forward or the head is tipped to one side.

For some children this ongoing posturing if left untreated leaves your baby with a misshaped head which can only really be corrected with a helmet which may cost a couple of thousand of pounds.

The best and simplest way to resolve the situation is to manage it early, before 6 months old.

I would suggest that you try and keep your baby off the flat spot by placing them on the opposite side when they are awake and change their position regularly.
Always approach the baby from their least preferred side – e.g. When holding, feeding, stimulating, have the window and all activity occurring this side.
Lastly try and encourage Tummy time and looking up. Little and often is the trick.
I have recently seen these Tortle hats which are worth trying.

If you feel stuck please feel free to get in contact for further help or to get a personalised assessment.

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